Sports Fest 2017

The long awaited Sports fest is scheduled for Friday, 17th February 2017 @ Al Ahli Sports Club , Near The Mall, Doha.

The Solo sports events are as follows:

  1. 1.5 Km Walking Race
  2. Running Race (100 m)
  3. Running Race (200 m)
  4. Lemon running race ( 50 m)
  5. Sack Race (50 m)
  6. Shotput
  7. Skipping Race (50 m)
  8. Standing Broad Jump

The Group events are as follows :

  1. Three leg race (2 members)
  2. Throw Ball ( 7 members)
  3. Relay (50 m*4) (4 members)
  4. Tug of war ( 8 members)

One can participate in a maximum of three individual events and two group events.

Kindly email your interest to or  55271038

Click the button below for online Sports fest  registration


Sports teachers from the schools here in Doha are not permitted to contest with other contestants as it is unfair for professionals to compete with amateurs. We have been receiving complaints on this front for last two years and hence have arrived at this decision. However we can conduct separate contests between the sports teachers if we are able to gather enough registrations for  their category.

We plan to conduct 100m running race & long jump as individual items and relay as a group item. Kindly note that a teacher can contest only in two items, either two individual item or one individual and one group.

Please click Sports teachers registration  for online registrations or whatsapp 55271038.

General Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Cultural Events

  1. The competition is open to Female contestants from Kerala whose age is above 18 years .
  2. A contestant can participate in maximum of 5 events  which includes 2 group events and 3 individual events.
  3. Decision of the Sports Coordinators are final. No dispute for the same shall be entertained regarding any aspect of the matter. Any complains can be lodged to FCC Executive Committee which is the final verdict.
  4. The last date for registration is up to 8pm of February 14th 2017.
  5. In case of group event, a consolidated list of all the group members along with team leaders name should be given to the sports convenor. Admit cards are mandatory for participating in any event.
  6. Any event may be cancelled if there are less than 5 registrations. The decision of the executive committee is final in this regard.
  7. Candidates are requested to take note of the each event time and date.
  8. For any event, if the participant exceeds the time limit then he/she will get the negative points. Strict adherence to the time limit is appreciated.
  9. For any further clarification regarding events or FCC Vanita Vedi kindly email your queries to
  10. You may also Whatsapp your concerns to our Sports convener Lekha @55643799 or FCC Vanitha Vedi Executive member Sunila @66787007

Please follow the link Online Sports fest registration  to register in sports fest for all except sports teachers. Registration Fee is Qr 15/-

Kindly download the registration form here – >Registration Form – Sports Fest 2017

Fill it up and submit it in our FCC office reception (Hilal) along with registration fee or email it to

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2 Responses to Sports Fest 2017

  1. Hasna says:

    Firstly congrats for ur excellent coordination and for giving this wonderful opportunities. I would like to point out some comments and I think it would help you very well.Two events at least must be kept for age above 40.Its really unfair to see them play and obviously they can’t reach with the youngsters even though they are doing really well. The next thing about the distribution of jackets, There were some new participants which I had given names and they did not get and they collected their names and did not get.Please make sure they get as their chest nos were collected.


  2. Seenavahab says:

    kindly upload sports fest fotos…


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