FCC Vanita Vedi Qatar Keraleeyam 2014 – Cultural and Sports Fest

We welcome all malayalee ladies in Qatar to participate in our cultural and sport fest 2014 which will be conducted during december 4th , 5th and 6th @ FCC and Shanthi Niketan Indian School respectively.

Final Flyer-QK FCCVV



General Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Cultural Events

  1. The competition is open to Female contestants from Kerala whose age is above 18 years.
  2. A contestant can participate in maximum of 4 events including 1 group events and 3 individual events.
  3. Decision of the judges is final. No dispute for the same shall be entertained regarding any aspect of the matter. Any complains can be lodged to FCC Executive Committee which is the final verdict.
  4. The last date for registration is up to 8pm of 25th November.
  5. In case of group event, a consolidated list of all the group members along with team leaders name should be given to the event coordinator. Admit cards are mandatory for participating in any event.
  6. Any event may be cancelled if there are less than 5 registrations. The decision of the executive committee is final in this regard.
  7. Candidates are requested to take note of the each event time and date.
  8. For any event, if the participant exceeds the time limit then he/she will get the negative points. Strict adherence to the time limit is appreciated.
  9. For any further clarification regarding events or FCC Vanita Vedi kindly email your queries to fccvanitavedi@gmail.com.

Group event

  1. Nadan Pattu

Individual events

  1. Best out of waste
  2. Pencil Sketching
  3. Kavitha Rachana
  4. Extempore Speech
  5. Jewellery Making
  6. Cooking without fire
  7. Light Music (Malayalam)
  8. Mappila Pattu
  9. Mime
Best out of Waste

  1. Individual participant
  2. The materials required must be brought by the participant itself.
  3. Only waste materials should be used.
  4. If you are having any electrical connections in your product, you could make use of new wires for safety reasons.
  5. The finished end product should have some utility.
  6. Readymade decorative items or pre prepared items are not allowed.
  7. Judgment will be based on the innovativeness,Creativity, materials used, and usefulness of the product.
  8. Time limit: 90 minutes
Jewelry Making

  1. Contestant should use only beads for making the jewelry
  2. A complete set consisting of one necklace, a pair of earring and a bracelet should be created during the time limit.
  3. You should not make use of any pre prepared items.
  4. Contestants should bring the necessary beads, string, hooks, clippers, pliers whichever required for making the jewelry. The color and size are left to the contestant’s choice.
  5. Time limit: 60 minutes
Kavitha Rachana (Extempore Poetry Writing)

  1. It is an individual event
  2. Any number of participants allowed
  3. Topics will be given on the spot
  4. No reference material will be permitted.
  5. Judging based on- creativity , vocabulary , style and message
  6. Time limit: 60 minutes
Mappilla Pattu

  1. Duration: 5 minutes maximum, 3 minutes minimum
  2. Evaluation will be based on:
    1. Sruthilayam& Rhythm
    2. Bhavam
    3. Language & Literary Clarity.
  3. Film songs are not allowed for competition
Nadan Pattu (Group Event)

  1. Minimum 3 in a group and maximum of 5 in a group
  2. Film songs are not allowed for competition, Only non-film folk songs can be presented.
  3. We should not make use of any instruments in the song.
  4. Duration (Max): 5 minutes
Pencil Drawing

  1. Individual event
  2. Time limit: 90 min
  3. Topics will be given on the spot.
  4. The materials required must be brought by the participant itself. Only the drawing sheet will be provided.
  5. Only pencil is allowed to sketch.
  6. Water colours and charcoal, crayons, sketch pens, colour pencils are not allowed.
  7. Judgment will be based on the Creativity, neatness and the theme of the sketch
Light Music(Malayalam)

  1.  Only Non film songs are allowed.
  2. Instruments are not allowed.
  3. Judgment is made on the qualities like swaram, Sruthilayam&Rhythm ,Bhavam Language & Literary Clarity.
  4. Duration (Max): 5 minutes
Cooking without Fire

  1. Individual participant
  2. Time limit: 60 minutes
  3. Two different sandwiches need to be prepared, Vegeterian or Non Vegeterian.
  4. The materials required must be brought by the participant itself.
  5. Egg, fish and meat can be precooked as per your taste.
  6. Cutting vegetables/fruits must be done on-spot, no prior preparation allowed.
  7. Ready made food items or decoration items not allowed.
  8. Judgment will be based on the method, taste and Creativity in presentation.
  9. Ingredients and recipe of the dish should be ready neatly written in an A4 sheet with the participants and should be given to the judges.

  1. Music is not allowed and the act should not contain any dialogues or lip sync.
  2. Contestant will be disqualified if act contains any offensive, disrespectful actions or gestures.
  3. Negative points for exceeding time limit.
  4. Props not allowed
  5. Time limit: 3+ 1min
Speech Extempore

  1. Individual event
  2. Each participant is allowed to pick a topic
  3. 1 minute preparation time is given
  4. Each individual is given 3 minutes to speak on the topic
  5. Judges results are final

Poetry Recitation – Malayalam

  1. Maximum time allowed for this competition is 5 minutes.
  2. Participants may recite Malayalam poetry written by a poet of their choice.
  3. Participants are encouraged to recite the poem without written aids.

Rules and Regulations of Sports

  1. Each participant can participate in maximum 3 individual games and 1group game.
  2. To conduct any individual sport event minimum 5 participants should be there.
  3. To conduct any team sport minimum 4 teams should be there.
  4. Referees or umpires decision is final, subject to any argument will be disqualified.

Team Sport – Relay and Tug of War

Sports Events
Lemon and Spoon

Objective: To hold a spoon in your mouth with a lemon on the spoon and run/walk the distance between the start and finish line. The person that crosses the finish line first is declared the winner.


  1. Can only use the lemon and spoon provided to you on race day.
  2. Spoon may not be bent or altered in any way.
  3. Should hold the spoon in your mouth throughout the race.
  4. Hands may not be used to adjust the spoon once the race starts.
  5. If the lemon falls off the spoon you will be eliminated.
  6. Lemon cannot be altered in any way so as to make it sit right on the spoon.
  7. Judges decision is final.
Running Race (100m)

Wear any comfortable clothing for the event, not necessarily a sport dress.

Running Race ( 200m)
Relay (4*50 m) (Group Event)

  1. The 4×50 meter relay event is held entirely on the lanes.
  2. Runners are not allowed to leave or change their respective lanes.
  3. The baton has to be passed from one athlete to the other within the specified area known as the take-over zone.
  4. The athletes are not permitted to wear gloves or use any substances which can enable them to have a better grip on the baton.
  5. Obstructing others’ way during the race is not allowed and they will be disqualified.
  6. The athletes should remain in their respective lanes even after handing over the baton and after receiving the baton.
  7. If an athlete goes out of the track during the race, he is not permitted to enter the race again.
  8. An athlete with two consecutive false starts is disqualified from the competition.
Walking Race ( 1 km)

  1. Wear any comfortable clothing for the event, not necessarily a sport dress.
  2. We should only walk and not run or jog during the race.
  3. Those completing the 1 Km first will be declared winner
  4. Judges decisions are final.
Shot Put

  1. The throw must be initiated from the marked circle only.
  2. Fouls occur when an athlete:
    1. Does not start within the circle.
    2. Touches the top of the iron board, stopboard, or painted circle.
    3. Touches anywhere outside of the circle.
    4. Improperly releases the implement.
    5. Leaves the circle improperly or before the implement has landed.
  3. An athlete cannot tape individual fingers or multiple fingers together.
  4. Tape on the wrist alone is allowed and must be shown to the judge before the event starts.
Tug of War(Group Event)

  1. No inappropriate language will be tolerated.
  2. Gloves may be worn.
  3. A single team may consist of 8 players.
  4. No wrapping the rope around any body part during pull.
  5. First team to pull mid-rope marker beyond the marked winning line is the Winner.
Sack Race

  1. Participants will have to put both feet in the sack and begin hopping toward the finish line.
  2. The sack must remain as close to the waist as possible and should not fall below the knees.
  3. The first racer to the finish line wins.
 For Registering please follow the link http://www.123contactform.com/form-1170638/FCC-Vanita-Vedi-Qatar-Keraleeyam-2014

Q K Registration Form 2014

FCC Vanita Vedi Qatar Keraleeyam 2014 Rules & Regulations in Malayalam

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