Malayalmazha 2014 Results Announced

We are glad to announce the Results for Malayalmazha 2014. On this occasion we would like to extend our heart felt thanks to all the students who submitted their wonderful summer vacation experiences as well as photographs for the competition.

Each student who has attempted is a winner by himself or herself, but as per norms we need to declare the winners.

The results for Narrative writing are as follows:

First Prize – Malavika Unnithan (VI) – Pearl School, Doha

Second Prize is shared by two contestants

Tejas Rinith (V) – The Schoalrs’ International School, Doha

Ann Retchi (V) – Pearl School, Doha

Third Prize is also shared by two contestants

Janvi Ranish (IV) – The Schoalrs’ International School, Doha

Soundharya V (VI)- Pearl School, Doha

The Result for Photography Competition are as follows:

First Prize – Mohamed Shuaib – VIII B – MES Indian School, Doha

Second Prize – Muhaimin – IX – Ideal Indian School, Doha

Third Prize– Ahmed Yaseen – IX – Delhi Public School MIS , Doha

Congratulations Prize winners and all participants.

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