Malayalamazha 2014 Competitions


We are pleased to announce the following competitions conducted for making the summer holidays productive for children from grade 4- 12 .

  1.  Narrative Writing

The topic is “experiences during summer vacation 2014”. Students can include relevant art work and poetry in their submission. The maximum permissible words are limited to 500. The work should be original and is best preferred in hand written format

2. Photography Competition

The theme for photography is summer Vacation 2014. A catchy caption should be provided for the photograph. Only one photograph is allowed for submission and should be printed in A4 color photo quality paper.

The Competitions are categorized as follows:

Junior – Grade 4- grade 6

Senior – Grade 7-Grade 9

Super Senior – Grade 10 – Grade 12

All entries should reach FCC office before October 10. Students are requested to provide their class and contact details along with their submittals.

Kindly note that this competition is open only to Kerala community in Qatar. The Narrative write can be either in Malayalam or English.

We encourage all the Malayali kids in Doha to participate in this and showcase their talents in writing and photography. For Further details please refer to the Flyer given above.

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